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One Year at ECW Search

1 YEAR! I can’t quite believe it. I sat down to reflect on the past 12 months, it’s been an incredible journey with lots of learning and development, but more than that I have had so much fun. 


It's been ridiculously busy - filled with excitement and personal growth. I couldn't be more pleased with myself for taking the leap last February, switching jobs & industries; a huge change for me, but one I am grateful I decided to take. 


Jamie Brewer - ECW Search

Transitioning from a background in Pharmaceutical recruitment to join ECW Search’s Automotive division, combining my passion for helping people with my love for cars was like finding the missing piece of a puzzle in me. 


Beyond the day job, we have done so much together outside of work here at ECW. One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a part of the team has been the opportunity to give back to the community. 


From sponsoring female boxing champion Raven Chapman, our local grassroots football team, investing in Mental Health Charities to the Stoke Mandeville Children’s ward, I've even had the chance to give back and help with a few training sessions here and there. 


I have also had lots of laughs and done so many activities I would never have had the chance to do elsewhere. To name just a few of those highlights - We went waterskiing in March – yes it was cold but hilarious, we have been to multiple professional boxing fights, and we took part in a charity 6 a side World Cup with our customers at St George’s Park. 


To pick my proudest “work based” achievement in my first year, it would be being able to expand my knowledge to the US recruitment market and taking the crown as the first person at ECW to place in the US. Since then, 50% of my placements have been in the USA, who knows perhaps next on the agenda is a new office out there! 


In addition to all the above mentioned - the most rewarding aspect of my time at ECW Search has undoubtedly been the invaluable personal growth that I've undergone over the past year. 

Every day has been an opportunity to learn something new, whether it's honing my skills in automotive recruitment or gaining insights into a whole new way of thinking not just in work but in life, focussing more on community engagement, giving back, and looking after my own wellbeing. As we say “health = wealth” and “without your health you have nothing”. Personal health both physical with the gym memberships ECW provide and Mental Health are of the paramount importance here. We drive these values every day, with our partnerships with Mental Health charities and our introduction of Mental Health podcasts, to promote mental and physical wellbeing for everyone internally and externally. Frankly we don’t shout about it enough which is an improvement point for this year.


I am very excited to see what the next year brings, here’s to 2024! 

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