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Lord Bamford, JCB and Hydrogen Combustion Engines

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Our automotive division have been deep in debate today about this great video by Harry Metcalfe on his YouTube channel @harrysgarage as he talks to JCB Chairman Lord Bamford and their Engineering Director Ryan Ballard about their Hydrogen combustion technology.

Ryan Ballard talks with Harry in great detail about the 'all new' engine and the leanness of the burn in the engine compared to a diesel engine and having low temperature and low pressure combustion is stopping the engine producing NOx and therefore producing a zero emission engine.

The automotive team here are divided in opinion, some preferring battery electric (BEV) vehicles over hydrogen fuel cells but all are intrigued by the concept of running internal combustion engines on hydrogen.

Although there are still issues with green hydrogen supply and infrastructure, it's exciting to think about the potential benefits for off highway/heavy duty machinery and shipping vehicles using this type of fuel. Benefits not only for the environment but for all users and maintenance technicians who already have the familiarity of combustion engines.

I’m also keen to see the benefits for passenger vehicles which will become clearer as the technology develops. Either way, a huge step forward in green transport.

#BEVs #alternativefuels #hydrogen whichever way you're leaning, this is worth a watch...

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