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ECW Creative Talent Solutions In The US Market

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Offering creative talent solutions in the US recruitment market involves us understanding the unique needs of skilled professionals and the Automotive and Consumer companies that hire them. Creative talent solutions include staffing, consulting, offering flexible, on-demand internal talent teams, talent audits, headhunting, salary benchmarking to name just a few.

To standout in a new market, we knew we had to continue to develop a deep understanding of our specialist industries and build a network of highly skilled professionals. This is an ongoing task for us as a team and requires us to developing strong relationships with talent, understand their career goals, and provide guidance & support throughout the recruitment process.

A major aspect we have been working on as a business is embedding our recruitment team within our client's business to manage their recruitment needs. This approach has been well received and provides several benefits, including a closer alignment between Talent Acquisition and business goals, faster response times, and a deeper understanding of the client's culture and needs. Where this gets more interesting is, the guaranteed cost saving the solution produces, versus the traditional hiring methods that have been adopted for years and are no longer fit for scaling!

Creative Talent Solutions

So how does it work?

When embedding our recruitment team, we work closely with the client's hiring managers to develop a deep understanding of their recruitment needs and priorities. We then proactively seek to identify & attract top talent, manage the hiring process, and provide ongoing support to ensure successful onboarding and maximise retention.

Embedding a recruitment team helps customers to streamline their recruitment process, reduce time-to-hire, and improve the quality of workforce across the organisation. By adopting this partnership, in close collaboration with the client's hiring managers, the recruitment team can ensure that they are sourcing talent who are the right fit for the organization's culture and business goals proactively rather than the traditional reactive methodology.

As a business, we are obsessed with data and believe data should underpin all decision making on talent. By leveraging our applicant tracking system, candidate assessment tools, and analytic data tools to identify emerging talent trends, it helps clients stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving and competitive market.

Overall, embedding a recruitment team within a client's business requires a strong partnership between the client and the recruitment company. By working closely together and leveraging the expertise of the recruitment team, clients can improve the quality and speed of their recruitment process, reduce costs, and build a strong and effective workforce.

TaaS (Talent as a Service) or embedding talent isn’t a new offering to the market, but it has always been popular in industries such as software development, design, and engineering, where specialised skills are in high demand. We are currently working on opportunities with clients to build out their Customer Success and Implementation functions, and we’re looking forward to helping them build the teams, products, and software of the future.

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