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Building a recruitment sales team in 2022...and beyond

Finding & retaining top sales talent is an ongoing challenge for businesses around the world. For recruitment leaders to continue to hire, you will need to have a clear plan that builds the right culture, uses the right technology, and provides current and future recruiters with the proper motivation to succeed.

In addition, we’re also entering a new era of work and I think we would all agree that there are tough times ahead.

As the landscape changes, recruitment leaders are looking for new ways to get their physical and remote teams to gel and deliver revenue, but no one can be 100% sure what will work in the future.

Here a few ideas below that we have been working on at ECW Search that we believe will help us scale and attract future recruitment hires:


Traditionally, you would develop a two-week action-packed agenda which would then be duplicated for all new hires, regardless of the level of experience. From my experience, this template is floored by information overload. On a positive note, it did ingrain the company values and culture into new hires quickly.

Today, I believe a new approach needs to be adopted where you will collaboratively work with new starters and encourage them to have their own input to induction plans & onboarding. This should help your new hires process information in their preferred learning style and at their own pace.

Targets and performance

Recruitment is traditionally poor at this aspect! In the world of permanent recruitment, consultants are told that they must deliver X amount of money per month, with little logic or thought on the market conditions or experience of the consultant taken into consideration.

It is very similar in contract recruitment too; a company blanket revenue figure will be put on a consultant’s shoulders despite the fact they will be working in different countries / regions to their colleagues, which of course, will have a knock-on effect to the margin that can be obtained.

At ECW Search, we have flipped this archaic output focused mentality on its head. We have decided to include future hires in these conversations and chart the numbers together based on inputs and data science. We want to empower consultants which in turn we believe will create buy in and ownership in all aspects of their roles.

We’re also in the final stages of signing off a variable bonus in addition to our future hires commission/ kicker schemes. We want to reward unselfish contributions which contribute to the greater good of the business.

Encourage your team to seek out facetime proactively

A remote-first work model has changed how recruitment is being conducted. Today, face-to-face meetings are infrequent, and with times getting tougher next year, spending quality time in person with your client could make all the difference. ECW are big believers in deeper, more meaningful relationships, and we want our current and future hires to seek out facetime & be purposeful with it.

This helps consultants in several aspects

· Building trust internally and externally with customers & clients

· Make mistakes & learn in real time

· Nurture their behavioural traits

· Learn how to talk peer to peer faster and with confidence

Invest in your Tech stack

Let’s be honest, most sales strategies have been guided by analytics for many years, this is nothing new! However, in today’s world of recruitment, you need to balance rational analysis with your instinctive judgement. The quality of insights that you can get today means, you can predict likely outcomes and help your message reach your prospects at the right time of the sales journey.

Team rituals

You may have seen from @samgray's post, did our first team run last week, which was good fun & much needed screen free time for us all. Our learnings from our past are that, rituals are not just about celebration of sales success, we want to do weekly tasks that will help us stay connected and aligned as a team.

New ways of building connection and camaraderie are transforming working culture which we all lost a piece of during the pandemic. The ideas for team rituals must be driven by every person, the whole team. Not dictated by the leaders of the business

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