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5 Reasons Why We Entered the US Recruitment Market

Updated: May 3, 2023

US Recruitment Market

When it comes to business, strategy can often be overly complicated. At its most basic level, ECW Search’s objectives are relatively simple.

We want to:

  • Win new clients

  • Retain existing ones

  • Grow our share of those clients’ hiring needs

How we set about achieving this is then determined by three strategies:

  • Our recruitment service offering

  • The markets and sectors we work in

  • Our company growth strategy

Our company strategy is led by our founders and is focused on moat-widening activities that separate us from our competitors. That is why this year, we decided as a business, to expand our service offering by entering the US recruitment market.

So why did we decide to do this? Let us explain below:

1. Market expansion: The US job market is one of the largest and most competitive in the world, and we see this as an opportunity to expand our operations and tap into new talent pools.

2. Diversification: Entering the US market could be a way for us to diversify our client base and reduce reliance on the UK market, which may be affected by economic uncertainties.

3. Talent acquisition: The US is home to many highly skilled professionals, and we want to attract and place these individuals in job roles in both the US and the UK.

4. High Salaries and shorter payment terms: Everything is bigger in the US, including the salaries, which translates to higher fees for us as a business. Payment terms are also shorter, so the flow of money and its frequency allows us to scale at pace.

5. Globalisation: In today's interconnected world, many companies are expanding their operations internationally to access new markets, talent, and resources. We’re following this trend to remain competitive and grow our business.

Many recruitment companies are recruiting in the US from their office in the UK and for now we’re doing the same. It allows us to test the waters for a year while remaining in the UK, before committing to the costs and risks associated with physical expansion.

Moving forward we will continue to invest our capital and deliver initiatives that support all three of our strategies and embrace a long-term horizon. We run this business with a view of years and decades, as opposed to quarters and annual comparisons, and think this is a key advantage in creating strong, sustainable value over time.

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