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Retained Search

For Executive level hires, our most successful, cost and time effective service is to offer a retained search. Working on a retained basis has been a major offering of ours for a number of years and has often developed into us working longer-term with the successfully placed Executive on a team build.

Our team of researchers work together to map the market in a specific technological niche, to ensure we are covering all corners of the talent market before our Consultants get to work on attracting and engaging with these individuals on your behalf.


Why retained?

A retained model secures full access to our external resources, where we can fully market and create positive attention towards your employer brand and focus on hiring through our dedicated social channels.

A large part of our success is down to our ability to represent your brand, sell your organization and the opportunity. This is built from in-depth calls and meetings, identifying the need, the position, and the overall opportunity.

Once partnered with one of our Consultants, you can expect regular update meetings, with data points and advice up until short-list delivery, around about the 3-week mark.

Working within agreed SLAs, you’ll have clear and detailed profiles of qualified candidates with transparent expectations from the candidates' side.

First refusal on candidates - this can make or break a search. Candidates will be presented to your organization for this search only before we offer them any other options.

Our teams and Consultants operate within niche verticals across key pillars of technology, meaning our approach is targeted, our screening is in-line with your needs and the candidates' experience is of highest importance.


"I have worked with Lyle a number of times and he always proactive, knowledgeable and focussed on achieving the best result for all parties involved. He takes the time to understand clients and candidate needs ensuring there are no hidden suprises and from my experience facitilitating perfect matches. I will look forward to working with Lyle again in the future and would reccomend him to anyone in the job market either as a candidate or a recruiter."

Mike Redfern, Head of Sales, Waterbomb


Where We Operate


Chris Brewer

(+44) 0207 4594877

Sam Gray

(+44) 0207 4594877


Mark Walker

(+44) 07802 739096

Lyle Edwards

(+44) 07791 802504


Lyle Edwards

(+44) 07791 802504

Chris Brewer

(+44) 07595 834121

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