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3 Takeaways from the MK Digital Summit

ECW Search had a fantastic day at the #MKdigitalsummit yesterday hosted by 123 Internet at the incredible Red Bull Racing Venue.

The speakers throughout the day were fantastic, sharing their expertise and insights on a variety of business and economically critical topics and future trends. Thanks to all the sponsors and speakers for hosting. We look forward to joining you on the next one.

Detailed below are the 3 takeaways from the event with more to follow on these over the coming weeks.

War on Talent

Having sat down with several key spokespeople during the event sharing thoughts on this topic, one of the most interesting takes was Professor David Denyer from the Cranfield Management School that learning & development is seen as a given by Gen Z. This is simply not going to be the case with 50% of business leaders cutting cost in this area as we experience more economic uncertainty and recession.

Social Media

Whilst it’s clear to see that the majority of large corporations have significant social media capability and ‘social’ sits at the forefront of their marketing strategy, there is still a huge number of SME senior leaders and boards who need to put further importance and investment into this. The data that can be collected from social activity is vast and will in turn provide a huge source of business intelligence moving forwards.

Digital Transformation

Bernard Marr’s talk on Web 3 evolution of the metaverse & extended reality in practice was eye opening & frankly scary! The technology advancements of companies like AT&T, IBM, Amazon, Google, Samsung, Apple and fashion brands such as Bolle & Gucci harnessing new tech to drive a more immersive consumer experience is close. Holographic imaging, Avatars, Mixed reality & brain interfaces will transform the way we live our lives post Mobile phone age which has been sped up during the pandemic. As business leaders we must start planning, the high street is not dead it is just changing and the great Internet version 3 landgrab is well underway.

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