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Electrical Design Engineer - Fast Paced Automotive Start-Up

United States

Full Time


Competitive Bonus

Competitive Base Salary

Competitive Bonus

About the Company

Our client is an innovative and exciting start up with a visionary CEO who is leading the way with the next level of adventure vehicles for thrill-seekers. Since their formation they have gone from strength to strength and hit milestone after milestone, exceeding 1000 vehicle sales already. Headquartered in the heart of Alabama, their influence has spread across the US, with their vehicles exploring every corner of the nation.

About the Role

Our client seeks a proficient Automotive Electrical Systems Engineer to join their innovative team, playing a pivotal role in conceptualizing, implementing, and refining advanced electrical systems tailored for automotive applications.

Core Duties:

-Utilize SolidWorks to meticulously craft electrical schematics, layouts, and 3D models, ensuring precision in component design.
-Collaborate seamlessly with multidisciplinary teams to seamlessly integrate electrical designs with mechanical and other engineering disciplines.
-Strategically select and integrate components such as inverters, batteries, and charge controllers into the vehicle's electrical framework, prioritizing performance, cost-efficiency, and compatibility.
-Conduct comprehensive tests and simulations using SolidWorks to validate and optimize electrical designs, ensuring adherence to performance, safety, and reliability standards.
-Analyze and interpret test data to refine electrical systems, optimizing performance and efficiency.
-Spearhead projects from inception to completion, ensuring alignment with project requirements, deadlines, and budgetary constraints.
-Foster cohesive integration of electrical systems with overall project designs through effective coordination with engineering teams.
-Maintain meticulous documentation of electrical designs, schematics, and Bill of Materials (BOM) using SolidWorks.
-Generate comprehensive reports, manuals, and technical documentation for future reference and development initiatives.
-Ensure compliance with industry standards, codes, and regulations, staying abreast of regulatory changes and integrating them into design practices.
-Oversee and manage SolidWorks Electrical drawing templates, PDM/PLM data, drawing standards, and workflows.
-Provide technical expertise and support to cross-functional teams, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.
-Identify opportunities for process enhancement and workflow optimization within electrical design processes.

Your Background

Qualifications and Skills:

-3+ years experience in an Electrical Engineering and design discipline, (Automotive experience is preferable).
-Demonstrated proficiency in leveraging SolidWorks for electrical design and development within the HILT truck line.
-Proven experience in design, testing, and project management within the automotive sector.
-Adeptness in documentation practices and compliance with industry standards.
-Strong collaborative skills, with an emphasis on communication and teamwork.
-Familiarity with automotive communication protocols such as CAN, LIN, and Ethernet.
-Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or a related field.

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